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Rafter Ferguson is a scientist with the Food & Environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Dr. Ferguson conducts research integrating quantitative empirical methods with critical social and political analyses, giving weight to both scientific expertise and grassroots perspectives. As a political agroecologist, his work addresses the multidimensional performance of farming systems as well as the ways in which our ideas about agriculture translate into policy with complex consequences. See Rafter's full bio.

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My Food and Farm Reading List for Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and I’m taking the opportunity to deepen my understanding of our food system. I originally pulled together this short reading list for myself, before realizing that others might make use of it too! Since February is just one month (and the shortest month at that) I’ve kept it to just four books. That’s an ambitious reading goal in any event, but let’s not be intimidated – if you (or I) start now and take six months to read these books, it will be time very well spent. I’m excited to use this opportunity to understand the breadth and depth of these issues a little better. Luckily, there are some amazing resources to draw on.

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Why We Can’t Separate Justice and Sustainability in the Food System

Most of us wish we could eat with the confidence that everything on our plate has a story we can feel good about, a story about taking care of both people and the environment. In the food system (as elsewhere) these twin issues, justice and sustainability, have often been talked about as if they were unrelated, independent problems with separate solutions. Read more >

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