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Joel Clement is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists and the public face of the UCS Science Protection Project, through which federal scientists may confidentially report political interference in government science. Mr. Clement served in the US Department of the Interior (DOI) before becoming a whistleblower in 2017. He works to expose political interference in science from the Trump administration and Congress.

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Fossil Fuels and Public Lands: How the US Interior Department Can Act on Climate Right Now

Here are the specific near-term actions that the Interior Department can take at the leasing, permitting, and production stages of fossil fuel development on public lands to help address the climate crisis, unify the agency behind a common purpose, and ensure the agency is acting in the public interest during the transition away from yesterday’s energy sources. Read more >

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Stopping Climate Change Is Not Enough

We need to invest heavily in climate-smart infrastructure to create jobs and reduce vulnerability to the ongoing shocks and stresses of climate change. In other words, we need bold, transformational action and investment. Read more >

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Valley of the Gods was excised from Bears Ears National Monument as part of the 2018 monument reduction. Biden's Day One executive actions direct the Interior Department to examine and potentially reverse this and more than 30 other actions taken by the previous administration. Photo: nat693/Adobe Stock

President Biden’s Fast Start at the Interior Department

As a former senior executive and whistleblower at the Interior Department, I have been paying close attention to what President Biden’s Day One actions mean for my former agency. There are more announcements to come—and it’s important for the science community to make sure these announcements turn into real action—but so far this is a super start and good news for the agency’s mission. Read more >

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The Trump administration is fast-tracking its attempts to lock the federal government into binding contracts for drilling in the undeveloped coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, pictured here in this satellite image. Photo: NASA

Trump’s Rushed Oil Leasing in the Arctic: A Dumpster Fire of Desperation, Greed, and Crippling Loyalty Tests

The Trump administration is desperate to lock the federal government into binding contracts for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This is the ultimate goal of all their science-busting, and runs counter to their stewardship responsibilities on behalf of all Americans. Read more >

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What I Wish I Had Said on CNN About Trump’s “Lysol and Sunshine” Speech

As an occasional contributor to broadcast news on topics such as climate change and the role of science in policy, I rarely find myself commenting on the hot-off-the-press issue of the day. Experts like me are brought on when the news cycle slows, an intelligent sideshow to add gravitas while the real pundits get frothy about the latest political snub or personality gaffe. We are the warm-up act, like an author doing a reading before a concert; we’re more like a PSA than a feature. Read more >

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