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Senior Fellow, Center for Science and Democracy

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Joel Clement is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists and the public face of the UCS Science Protection Project, through which federal scientists may confidentially report political interference in government science. Mr. Clement served in the US Department of the Interior (DOI) before becoming a whistleblower in 2017. He now works to expose political interference in science from the Trump administration and Congress. See Joel's full bio.

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Zinke Circles the Drain, but the Stains of His Reign Remain at Department of the Interior

During his time as Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke gutted the agency he was charged with leading to advance oil, gas, and mining interests on our shared public lands. Read more >

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Monumental Disaster at the Department of the Interior

A new report documents some of the most egregious and anti-science policies and practices at the DOI under Secretary Zinke, including suppression of science, denial of climate change, the silencing and intimidation of agency staff, and attacks on science-based laws that help protect our nation’s world-class wildlife and habitats. It is a damning report and required reading for anyone who values public lands, wildlife, cultural heritage, and health and safety. Read more >

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The Global Warming Emissions Report Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Didn’t Want You to See

Its title is innocuous, but the report is not. For the first time, federal scientists were asked to generate estimates of the role public lands play in global warming. Now we have our answer, and it’s shocking. Read more >

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Photo: Christopher Michel/CC BY 2.0 (Wikimedia)

Zinke Attends Pacific Islands Forum, Ignores Their Biggest Concern

This week, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke heads the United States delegation to the Pacific Islands Forum Leader’s Session on the Island of Nauru on September 4, 2018, an annual gathering of dozens of Pacific Island leaders and partners. In the Interior Department press release, Zinke noted that the Pacific Islands are strategically important and he wants to discuss trade and the rule of law. He did not indicate any interest in discussing the impacts of climate change in the Pacific Islands region – dramatic impacts that his own agency described in a publication earlier this year. Read more >

Photo: Christopher Michel/CC BY 2.0 (Wikimedia)
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UCS Survey Shows Interior Department is Worse Than We Thought—And That’s Saying Something

Can scientific staff at the US Department of the Interior rest easy knowing that their colleagues at other agencies have it worse when it comes to political interference?

Survey says: Nope. Read more >

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