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Fernando Tormos-Aponte is a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, a Visiting Scholar at Johns Hopkins University, and a Kendall Fellow at the Union of Concerned Scientist’s Center for Science and Democracy. See Fernando's full bio.

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10 Things That the Scholarly Community Can Do to Stand in Solidarity

Acknowledge the history. Revise your work. Refuse to be complicit. Read more >

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Activism in Hard Times

Millions of us marched in the streets. We called on elected leaders to act on climate, healthcare, racism, and inequality. The election season was in full swing. We wondered if our dreams would fit in a ballot box. As we prepared to cast our votes, the Coronavirus pandemic changed everything.

We are now coming to terms with the fact that nothing about our politics and public policies can be taken for granted. Yet, for many, politics have never offered any guarantees.

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Omari Spears/UCS
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