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Andrew Rosenberg is the director of the UCS Center for Science and Democracy. He leads UCS's efforts to advance the essential role that science, evidence-based decision making, and constructive debate play in American policy making. See Andrew's full bio.

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Confirmed: Andrew Wheeler’s Love of Polluters, Disdain for Science and Public Health

Andrew Wheeler’s confirmation as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency is creeping up on us like watching a coal ash spill flow down a gentle slope. It slowly lays waste to the landscape as it advances, then engulfs you in toxic pollution.  Read more >

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Will the Real State of the Union Please Stand Up? 7 Things President Trump Won’t Say

What *should* be in the speech are some of the truly great challenges we need to tackle as a nation, from climate change to nuclear weapons, transportation to public health. So I’ll be watching , live-tweeting using the #RealSOTU hashtag, and highlighting some of the crucial facts that the president will not. I hope you can join me. Read more >

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The Voters have Spoken: Time for Checks and Balances to Make a Comeback

The election is all but over, and the result is a divided Congress.

Take a deep breath, scientists, and remember that divided government in these United States is what our Constitution was designed for.  A guiding principle was one of checks and balances – a check on dominance of one point of view and balance in the resulting policies for the people.  Something that, in my view, has been sorely missing for the last two years because adherence to party has superseded service to constituents and country.

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EPA’s Proposal to Restrict Science Will Be Delayed: Score One for Science.

The Environmental Protection Agency released its updated regulatory agenda this week. That document lays out the timeline for regulatory actions the agency is working on over the next two years. One item of note: the administration is delaying by a year its timeline for finalizing the agency’s terrible proposal to restrict the science it would rely on to only those studies where the raw data and all other information can be made public. The science community and those who believe our public health and safety protections should be based on science can take some credit for forcing the agency to re-think and consult before moving ahead. Read more >

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Why Andrew Wheeler’s Social Media Actions Matter

Yes, the acting administrator of the EPA should apologize. But more importantly, he must show us all by his actions that he knows his job is to enact policies that actively protect those most impacted by pollution across the nation. Read more >

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