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2019 black Chevrolet Bolt parked next to ocean

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Accelerating Transportation Electrification

, Senior scientist

Earlier this month California utilities launched the California Clean Fuel Rewards Program, a statewide point-of-sale electric vehicle rebate program worth up to $1,500 per vehicle (depending upon battery size). This program is funded by credits from California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), which are quickly becoming a major source of support for transportation electrification, complementing other state climate and clean air programs. Incentives are good way to accelerate the electric vehicle (EV) market, especially rebates available at the time of purchase. These incentives are different than past state and local efforts because they are funded by producers of carbon-intensive fuels.

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The Tuscaloosa Fire & Rescue Swift Water Team after Hurricane Sally made landfall on Sept. 16, 2020 in Baldwin County, Alabama. FEMA

On day one, President-Elect Biden can Better Prepare Communities for the Next Disaster

, Climate Resilience Analyst

In the dawn of his presidency President-elect Biden can bolster community resilience by allocating full funding to FEMA’s BRIC program. Read more >

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National Guard

What Lessons Should We Learn from the PFAS Crisis?

Lauren Richter, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Rhode Island School of Design; Alissa Cordner, Associate Professor and Paul Garrett Fellow, Whitman College; Phil Brown, University Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Health Science, Northeastern University , UCS

How a problem is framed often shapes the range of solutions considered. Ubiquitous global contamination by PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances), human-synthesized chemicals that are water and grease repellent and found in human blood, drinking water, and wildlife, is a problem that has been framed in a number of ways. While environmental regulation is often framed as driven by scientific knowledge, our research finds that in U.S. the implementation of chemical regulation is more commonly driven by scientific ignorance and corporate malfeasance. Read more >

National Guard
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The largest wind turbine in the world (prototype, on land, in Rotterdam) GE Renewables

New Offshore Wind Turbine Can Power a Home for a Day in Just 7 Seconds

, Senior energy analyst

The first large-scale offshore wind farm in the United States may use the largest wind turbine in the world. Here are a few ways to think about what all that might mean.

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Photo: J. Rogers
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GM’s Environmental About-Face – Political Expedience or Real Leadership?

, senior vehicles analyst

Last week, General Motors announced it’s ending its part in the lawsuit supporting the Trump administration’s illegal elimination of California’s ability to set global warming emissions standards for passenger cars and trucks. While the news is a welcome action and something UCS and others have been pressuring GM to do, done in the wake of the election of a new president, it screams of political expediency, not environmental leadership.

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Thomas Hawk/Flickr
Steve Fecht, GM
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